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How am I doing with the character? Feel free to leave constructive criticism, positive feedback, etc. Comments are screened/anon posting is on.
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[OOC Information]
Name: Erica
Age: 23
AIM and/or Plurk / E-mail / LiveJournal: [AIM/Plurk]
BouncyErbear, [E-mail], [LJ] bouncy_erbear
What characters do you play here already, if any? n/a
Where did you hear about Just A Game? The mods
Have you seen MST3K before? I have seen a few episodes, yes

[IC Information]
Character Name: Terra
Series: Kingdom Hearts
Gender: Male
Age: Late Teens-Early 20s

Species: Human

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What Wiki Says about D-Links
The Dimension Link, also known as D-Link, is a feature of summoning in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.  Its name connects to its purpose as a link to summon a character's power from another world. The power originates from a spell Aqua puts on the Wayfinders she and her friends carry.

Taken from the App
- The Wayfinder is a memento from Aqua and has special properties that allow Terra to D-link (Dimension Link) with other people. This D-Link acts as a way of summoning the power of someone Terra has bonded with and he can use their power as his own. Chicago's current power block will make it so that the D-Links he has made prior to arriving in the city are inaccessible (unless those people wind up in Chicago as well). Since it is borrowing another person's power Terra must first form a bond with that person. In Chicago this means that he must not only trust that person but they must trust him as well. When he does borrow other people's powers it is only for a short period of time (generally under two minutes) and then he can not access that Link for several hours.

It should be noted that while D-link can be leveled up in BBS, in [ profile] secondcityrpg  all D-Links will remain at level one with the most basic of abilities.

D-Links Powers
Effects- Added features of the D-link that are generally passive abilities boosting or helping in some way.
Ex. When Terra uses his D-Link with Aqua he is given the "Magic Deflector" ability that sometimes guards against magic automatically.  Terra's D-Link with Ven he is given the "Haste" ability that Increases his speed and the speed of normal attacks.

Finisher- Once the D-Link gauge is full it allows for a special attack to be used.  In the case of [ profile] secondcityrpg  it is the move Terra can implement just before he loses the D-link power.
Ex. Ven's D-Link "Finish" command is simply called "Finish" and is a speedy rapid combo attack.  Aqua's D-Link "Finish" is also called "Finish" and is basically an attack that shoots many magic orbs towards enemies.

Deck- These are the actual/basic attack and magic commands that come with the D-Link.  They can be a mix of attack or magic spells and at the most basic level you only get 3.  Generally these commands relate in some way to the person one has D-Linked with whether by personality or just what their strong points are.  Aqua, for example, is a strong magic user so her commands are related to spells.  Ven's are related to speed and distance since he is better at mid-range attacks such as throwing the keyblade.
Ex. Ven's D-Link deck commands are: Quick Blitz, Strike Blade, and Aero.  Aqua's D-Link deck commands are: Blizzara, Thundara, and Cura"

Canon D-Links: N/A
Maleficent, Experiment 626, Zack, Ven, Cinderella, Pete, Peter Pan

D-Link from SC: N/A

D-Links in [ profile] secondcityrpg 
1. Linkara
2. Venus
3. Aqua
4. Eraqus
5. Rarity

Form To Fill Out for D-Links
Since I need permission before just going about willy-nilly giving Terra D-links here is a handy form to fill out in order for me to keep track of what D-Links Terra has. PLEASE remember that D-Links are forged only when both parties trust each other. I will likely approach you about forming D-Links but if you think that your character has a good enough relationship then feel free to bring it up with me first.

If you need ideas for the various sections go to the KH wiki or simply fill out the form and give me an idea as to what effect you think would be best and I can hash out the details on my own/in collaboration with you.

This might also be helpful:
Attack Command List
Magic Command/Spell List
Ability List

For all of these I really recommend checking out the links provided as it gives a good idea of what the game uses and may provide ideas. Otherwise please feel free to brain storm with me!
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This is the long winded version of Terra's story.  Super spoilery goodness below the cut...think of it as an extended edition of the History section in the app.

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[OOC Information]
Name: Erica
Age: 22
AIM / E-mail / LiveJournal: BouncyErbear / / Bouncy_Erbear
What characters do you play here already, if any? Karrin Muphy, John Taylor, Diva Starr, and Negi Springfield

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