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Birthdate:Dec 26
RP journal for Terra of Kingdom Heart's Birth by Sleep.
May contain spoilers. This journal is just for fun & currently homeless.

Name: Terra
Age: Late Teens-Early Twenties?
World of Origin: Land of Departures
Items: Keyblade, Wayfinder, armor, various potions and ethers
Affiliation: Keyblade Apprentices/Masters? Darkness?
D-Links: Maleficent, Experiment 626, Zack, Ven, Aqua, Cinderella, Pete, Peter Pan,
Spoilers Beyond this Point

Mini Bio: Terra is a keyblade wielder apprentice and has trained under Master Eraqus for several years now, alongside Aqua and eventually Ventus (Ven). After failing to pass the Mark of Mastery because he couldn't control the Darkness, Terra was sent on a mission to find Master Xehanort. He traveled to numerous worlds and his travels always seemed to lead him to the darker parts of the world. He encountered such people as Maleficent, the Evil Queen, Hades, and Captain Hook (to name a few). Eventually finding Ven was added to his task because the boy had runaway from home.

Things got complicated very quickly. Master Xehanort was manipulating Terra in order to control his Darkness. This eventually led Terra to aid in the death of his father-figure and Master Eraqus as he found that the Master was trying to kill Ven.

When he finally confronted Master Xehanort about all of this at the Keyblade Graveyard, Terra ended up being thrown out of his own body. Without anything left, Terra's mind/memories occupied the armor left behind and now waits the day he can avenge himself, his friends, and get his revenge with Master Xehanort.
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